ReadWriteWeb: Security-as-a-Service: Using the Cloud to Deliver Security

ReadWriteWebSoftware-as-a-Service and cloud computing have introduced a host of new security problems. But some companies are turning this problem on its head and using the cloud to deliver Security-as-a-Service. The Security-as-a-Service paradigm promises an end to expensive appliances and complex software deployment. We don’t see most companies giving up firewalls and end-point protection clients yet, but here are three examples of how security in the cloud can work.

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The Media Trust

The Media Trust was founded six years ago as an online advertising verification service, but for the past year has been offering an anti-malvertising service that competes with ClickFacts and Dasient.

The Media Trust’s original service consists of ensuring to advertisers, publishers and ad networks that the right ads are running at the right times in the right geographic locations. The company’s customers include GoogleYahoo! and AOL. According to CEO Chris Olson, the company found itself constantly combating malware and malvertising on its own systems as a result of processing so many ads. The company built effective detection and prevention measures and realized it would be possible to market those solutions as an additional service.

The company added a privacy monitoring service a few months ago as well. This service makes sure advertisers aren’t over-zealous in collecting personal information from viewers. The Media Trust analyzes every aspect of a Web page, from cookies to JavaScript.


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